Billion People Project is a movement. A really, really BIG one. Pretty simple, too. Here’s the way we see it…
In the past, social change was driven by a few remarkable people: revolutionaries, idealists, visionaries. Heroes, who more or less, had a knack for uniting the masses around a common goal. Today, there is a new to drive meaningful change: social media for social good. Social media allows everyone, and we mean everyone, to act and effect change.
This “new way” to spark massive social change for good really works. Here’s how: Extended networks form around a goal. Instead of a few heroes, millions of individuals acting together can spark social change. Billion People Project is building a network that can promote, record and visualize the collective actions of all who sign up.
Billion People Project is based on action. As global citizens, it is imperative that we are aware of the problems facing the health of our planet.  Most importantly, we must be willing to act for Earth.